Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of entertainment is there?

The wonderful entertainment staff frequently comes up with fun games and friendly competitions throughout the day which are normally held at the nude pool, along with music.

We crunk up the party with additional entertainment and nightly dance parties. 

After dinner, they have different performances, singers and shows. Following the after dinner entertainment you can go to the piano bar and have a sing along or hang out and talk, or you can go to the disco club where there is a dj, stripper pole, and a free bar. Later people like to gather at the hot tub or spa for more fun.

What if I get there and decide I'm not quite ready yet to take off my swim suit?

The resort is clothing optional. So, you alway have the option to be clothed or nude depending upon the side of the resort you frequent.  It is mandatory that you are undressed at the nude beach and nude pool.  However, there is a side of the resort that is clothing optional where people wear swim suits, however, some ladies go topless on that side. The clothing optional side has the same things as the nude side such as a pool beach access and a grill.

What happens when I arrive at the resort?

You will be greeted by the check in staff, which will have you fill out some paperwork and assign you a room. Next, one of the staff members will help you with your bags and guide you to your room. Once you have settled into your room, hurry up and get to the nude pool, so you can enjoy yourself with a drink and food from the grill that's right at the pool, and have good conversation with the other guests.

How much money should I bring?

You could actually get away with only bringing a few dollars to tip the driver who brings you from the airport to the resort. Other than that there is no other tipping necessary. The resort is all inclusive, so there is no paying for food or drinks. There are services that you may want to purchase such as massages, scuba diving, or the catamaran ride to the caves and Rick's Cafe (none of which are necessary). You may also want to purchase some souvenirs in the gift shop. 

How do I participate on theme nights?

Theme nights during our events is where you get dressed up to party in flirty and sexy costumes and outfits each night such as togas, steampunk, and rave glow party. There is around a 90% particapation rate! 

I have never been to Hedonism 2, what should I bring besides the outfits for the nightly themes?

The answer to this question is simple "less is more", since you're at a nudist resort you won't need a lot.

In your room Hedo already supplies you with soap and body wash, shampoo and a hair dryer. You will also want to bring swimsuits because there are things that you need them for such as walking the beach past other resorts, free kayaking, snorkeling and if you plan to have lunch in the dining area.

You don't need to worry about bringing dress clothes for the men such as dress shoes, dress pants and ties, but the ladies may want to bring sexy dresses for dinner if you choose to. All you really need is your workout clothes if you plan on using the gym, swimsuits and maybe a swimsuit cover for the ladies, and as far as what regular clothes you should bring, think nice but laid back such as nice sandals, nice shorts and nice short sleeve shirts and etc. You are on vacation after all not a business trip. And most important don't forget your outfits for the theme nights.

How is the bus ride compared to Tim Air?

The bus ride takes around an hour and a half. You can meet people on the bus and have some fun conversations on the way to the resort, but it is a long and winding road. Tim Air takes around 18 minutes, so you will beat the people coming off the bus by over an hour to check-in, pending everything going smoothly. Therefore, you will be checked in and sipping drinks by the pool before the bus arrives. So, if your time is worth the money then flying Tim Air is a very cool option. Contact us on our Contact Page for Tim Air reservation information.

How old do you have to be to stay at Hedonism and what is the drinking age in Jamaica?

18 years old is the drinking age in Jamaica and 18 is the minimum age for Hedonism II Resort.

I have decided I would like to join the Week of Kink, how do I go about booking the vacation?

Call us at 1-833-664-6969 or fill out the Reservations form on the site and submit it to us. The most important thing to remember is your passport, if you do not have one make sure that you apply for one plenty in advance, as it could take up to a month or longer to get it unless you pay for rush processing. Make sure that if you do have a passport to check and make sure it's not expired before the return date of travel.

What does it meant to be kink positive?

Affirming a couples right to enjoy what they enjoy with whom ever they enjoy as frequent as feels right for them. It's relative and sort of an "anti-label" because it encompasses so much and has different meanings depending on the couple.

What is the time zone of Negril, Jamaica?

Eastern Standard Time with no daylight savings time.

How much additional money should we bring?

This event is all-inclusive with NO tipping.   Therefore, you won't need much cash.  However, let your credit card companies know that you will be in Jamaica to help keep your cards from being declined.

What types of top shelf drinks are included?

Many all-inclusives resorts do not offer the top shelf drink brands that Hedonism Resorts offers.  Brands include, Grey Goose, Tito's, Patron, Absolute, Jagermeister, Fireball, Jack Daniels, Captain Morgan, Don Julio, and much more.

How does the clothing optional part work?

The whole resort is essentionally clothing optional, except for the lobby, fitness center, and dining areas.   On the "Nude Side" of the resort the nude beach and the nude pool are required nudity.   

What are the Theme Nights and how is the participation for dressing up?

The theme nights will be specifically tailored to the Week of Pride™, so follow the website for theme night updates coming soon!  The particiption rate on theme night outfits is around 90%, and many people really dress up in some spectacular outfits.

What is the minimum age?

In Jamaica the drinking age is 18 years old, which is also the minimum age for Hedonism Resort. 

When will bookings start?

We are in the process of finishing the organizational details to start the reservations process.  More information will be coming soon!